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Greeting cards in Greece are not very common. The increase of digital mediums through which we can send a wish or a note to someone have provided us with an easy way to express ourselves, but most of the times they get lost in the depth of your inbox or your Facebook feed. Sending someone an actual card, and going through the process of choosing the right one, and what to write, takes a bit more time, but makes a huuuge difference!

A few years ago, on the morning after my birthday, I was up early (like a kid on Christmas morning) opening some of the gifts my friends had brought me the evening before. Some of those gifts where not accompanied by a card so i had no idea who they were from and who to thank. That’s when it hit me! Why not create a line of happy, funny, cool designer Greetings Cards, and help expand the effect the gift has? Greeting cards so cool, that the recipient would want to keep it in plain sight forever!

Greetings cards are a vessel through which you can send wishes and express your feelings to someone you care about! They are a way of saying something to them over and over again, as your message is not only communicated when they open and read the card, but it is there on their bookcase, desk or side-table to keep spreading love and smiles long after they have received it.
spreadthemagic | greeting cards

There are a million ways to tell someone you love them, you miss them, or happy birthday, but SpreadTheMagic Greeting Cards are some of the most colorful!

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